Home of Champion Maine Coon and Birman cats
A CFA and TICA registered cattery

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Pirates Lair is a two breed cattery. We have Birman cats and Maine Coon cats. We are located in South Carolina just north of Columbia. We got our first Birman in 1988 and have continued with them.
Our other breed is the Maine Coon cat. While at a show my husband saw his first Maine Coon and had to have one, we now have a few more.
We show all of our breeding cats in both CFA and TICA cat shows. All our Birmans and Maine Coons will have titles in both associations before we breed them if possible. We have worked very hard to get the best pedigrees in both breeds and we hope our Birman kittens and our Maine Coon kittens will show this.
Available Retires & kittens
Welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy your visit looking at our cats and reading about our show results in the ship's log.

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We are Jumping For Joy at Pirates Lair. We have had a wonderful show season. Three different cats, 3 different breeds and we won an award in each of the five catergories offered in TICA !!

2006 - 2007 Season

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"Pirates Lair Dyn-O-Mite"

TICA's Best Birman Kitten

12th Best International Kitten

Best kitten South East Region

14th Best Cat South East Region

Supreme Grand Champion

All during the 2006 - 2007 show season!

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"Dora Of Pirates Lair"

Household Pet

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Dora was rescued in August 2006 at the Columbia, SC TICA show. As a new born kitten she was found at a dumpster. A very special thank you to Pam Jackson for allowing us to adopt Dora.

11th Best International HHP Kitten

4th Best HHP Kitten South East Region

6th Best HHP Adult South East Region


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Pirates Lair Thanksgiving Tradition


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Batman was taken out of retirement at the age of 5 years old to finish his Supreme title. Shown only the first few months of the 2006 show season he was granted his Best Cat from Judge Connie Webb. Batman finished 15th Best Alter in the South East Region.

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